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I have my own preferences for titles or diminutives: if it’s transliterated, my preference is using no capital letters and a hyphen (or italicized if not using a hyphen). LaoShi (老师) : This is the word for teacher and just like sensei in Japanese, people call teachers using this term by adding the term at the end of the person’s last name. See a recent post on Tumblr from @blueberryflutterby about mdzs-x-reader. Wei Wuxian is the “大师兄 (da shixiong)” meaning the oldest sect brother in ranking. Xue Yang was sitting on the side of a wooden table by a street stall, a leg propped atop the bench as he ate a bowl of rice wine with glutinous balls. Keep in mind that the Jiang Sect is the only one that had a direct reference to a numbering system, and they're a small sect compared to the others. Lan Wangji, Wei Wuxian, Jiang Wanyin, 9. lao-[family name] (meaning old) or xiao-[family name] (meaning little): (note: not used in canon). 31 - Kim Thiên Nữ Quái님이 찾은 핀입니다. Example: this is how Jin Ling refers to Jin Guangyao, since he is the youngest sibling of Jin Zixuan. Example: Wen Yuan is referred to as a-Yuan by Wei Wuxian. 'Grandmaster of Demonic Cultivation') is a Chinese animated series based on the novel of the same name written by Mo Xiang Tong Xiu (Chinese: 墨香铜臭).It is produced by Tencent Penguin Pictures and B.C May Pictures. Lauditory title: e.g. like he idolized her and turned her into a martyr in his head. As another example, Wei Wuxian is referenced as the “oldest” sect brother in Yunmeng Jiang Sect, but he could have sect siblings who are older than him in age, but have been disciples for a shorter period of time. It doesn’t mean I agree. On Sunday morning he begged his parents to let him return home. Sect sister, younger (i.e., later-admitted): 师妹 (shimei). Old: 老 (lao) A prefix to indicate someone older, usually styled as lao-[family name]. Note: this is really difficult to translate since there’s no real equivalent. he thought and bitterly smiled as he balled his fist, where the candy he (XXC) gave him is. mdzs mo dao zu shi wei wuxian lan wangji wangxian incorrect mdzs. Example: in the Xuanwu cave, Wei Wuxian uses the term “your shufu” when he asks about Lan Wangji’s uncle, Lan Qiren. miki ! I mostly try to stick to terms used in canon, but may include ones not used directly but might be helpful for fanfic - e.g., shijie (sect sister, older) is used in canon, and I include shimei (sect sister, younger). [Family name]-[familial relationship title]: e.g. Instead, Jin Ling basically just calls him “you” directly. firelordemai:. Note that if Wei Wuxian had a better relationship with Yu Ziyuan, this might be a term he could respectfully call her, since he was a disciple of Jiang Fengmian. Dage (大哥) : big brother, eldest brother, but this term usually on friendship level, or family, or to someone you respect, not for romantic relationship. Personal names and courtesy names can be one or two characters long. Learn more. Example: used by Lan Wangji when referring to or addressing Lan Xichen. Shop thousands of Healing Art tote bags designed by independent artists. In Chinese, this puts Lan Wangji in a lower position as the “younger” person. But most importantly, it’s half of a very well-known binome, 佳人 jiaren. infinite_cb, ihaveabadmemory, jensownzoo, blueontherock, Strictly_Platonic, DrGaellon, MusicET, Red_Ce, Sasaki_Haise, Harukanee_26, AlexSeanchai, TheEvilDuck, WithFlowerAndBlood, Kirisami, moonbots, maye, fallingthroughtime, ShiningMoonlight, DragonMoonWolf, Luna_Corvidae, elemmire, dreammish, the_interuniversal_geometer, Nemetrix, AliceBRabbit, little_miss_evil, MissSanguineOus, PheonixQueen15Ember, Violaplayer, Wrenwolf, tenshinochouwa, BornToBreathe, ritzcrackers, eeveelutionlover2000, hardlynoticeable, inmyriadbits, Tasharene, elseifstars, zovumeAnja, overmountainandmeadow, Skchorpion, noxlunate, grayraincurtain, robinreborn, tsukihime1467, Istrael, findmeinthestars, yesmissjane, forwantofanoxfordcomma, beahe, “I really, really want to go down the mountain. Wife of the master: 师母 (shimu) This is a gendered term, but I put it here as an example of what a disciple of Lan Wangji might call Wei Wuxian in fanfic as an affectionate/ teasing term. Inspired designs on t-shirts, posters, stickers, home decor, and more by independent artists and designers from … 11. a-[one character from courtesy name]: e.g. See what Blackcat818 (aaliawebber) has discovered on Pinterest, the world's biggest collection of ideas. I imagine if you get up to the large number of disciples you see in Gusu Lan or Lanling Jin, it doesn't make sense to say "ninety-fifth shixiong" but instead just call them shixiong or shidi without numbering them. #me: oh boy a little mdzs post! Relationship title (familial): e.g. Any preference whether I group them by sect or other method? Veja o que Vucam S (VucamS) descobriu no Pinterest, a maior coleção de ideias do mundo. 2018. And welcome to my first fanfic for The Untamed/MDZS [reposted from AO3]. Father, Uncle, Brother, 7. Discover more posts about mdzs-x-reader. In general, the following naming conventions would be used, in order of most respectful to most familiar, to refer to a person: 1. XiaoGui (小鬼): Refers to someone who’s the little devil, Xiao Shidi (小师弟) : The youngest junior brother / the last to become a disciple, XiaoZi (小子): A similar meaning to boy or kid. Chapter 30 Dew—Part Three One day, the Yueyang Clan’s leader went out night-hunting with a few family members for about half a month. You can also email us in English at, View exiledrebelsscans’s profile on Facebook, View exiledrebelsscans’s profile on Tumblr, © Copyright 2017-2021 Exiled Rebels Scanlations. Literally, “little uncle.” Miss/ Maiden: 姑娘 (guniang) A formal/ polite way to refer to an unmarried woman or young lady. Historically, a Chinese person would have a patrilineal family name [姓 (xing)] and “milk name” [乳名 (ruming)] at birth, then a personal name [名 (ming)] given at 100 days after birth. Beyond The Mud [MDZs] by LINALOUICE. Note, this is in the context of historical China; in modern times, 爹 is not used. Older sister: 姐姐 (jiejie) Shizhi (师侄) : Nephew (in teacher-master form). Canon doesn’t seem to follow the same timing, since the boys all had courtesy names by the time they went to study at the Cloud Recesses, which was around age 15, but perhaps they are considered to have reached adulthood earlier. Chinese names are always at least two syllables. Thank you all! All masters have siblings-like relationships, that means other master’s disciples will be like their ‘nephew/niece’. Prompted by https://three--rings.tumblr.com/post/187301034228/things-the-mdzs-fandom-desperately-needs-if-they. For titles that don’t translate easily but that refer to a specific person, you might use the transliteration with a capitalized first letter, such as Shijie when Wei Wuxian refers to Jiang Yanli. (Sworn) older Brother: 哥 (ge) Sworn brothers in Chinese lore undertake a ritual ceremony to pledge loyalty to each other. Subscribing to email notifications and registering are two different things. The next one is long too but since I’m on winter break, the translating will be much faster. Xianxian. Senior: 前辈 (qianbei) An honorific referring to someone older. Chapter 118 : Evil Friends – Two bad men destroying evidence of the dead. eyesclosed portraitstudy reserved serene serenity study xiaoxingchen mdzs daozhang dreamlike grasses pure modaozushi modaozushifanart Warmup study, sister image to Xue Yang , but of course With daozhang I'm hands down pro-manhwa regarding his design, looks like. Available in lightweight cotton or premium all-over-printed options. The one-armed ghost strangely did not leave him at all the whole night. Daozhang: an honorific used to address Daoist priests or simply cultivators in general. Persons admitted to a sect are considered similar to family, and have relationships that are referenced similar to family relationships. Literal translation is “of an earlier generation.” Usually used to indicate respect for someone of greater experience. So we assume the one in the novel who said that Sixth Shidi was captured by the Wens is someone ranked #3-5, since he called #6 shidi. Example: Lan Zhan, courtesy name Wangji. I didn’t include the tones, since they are not typically used in fanfic. Please consider turning it on! and 1141 more users Chinese are very conscious of familial relationships. Sect sister, older (i.e.. earlier-admitted): 师姐 (shijie) This is how Wei Wuxian refers to Jiang Yanli. Note: canon isn't explicit on how sect siblings are numbered, but typically if there is a huge number of siblings in a family, the brothers are numbered 1 to x and the sisters are numbered 1 to x based on age, so the ranking number would be static, and whether you would call someone a [number]-xiong (ge in an actual family) or [number]-di depends on the referring person. a-Yao, 12. xiao-[one character from courtesy name]: note: not used in canon, 13. Typically the close siblings of a sworn brother would refer to the other members of the brotherhood as family. The older ones may use a diminutive to refer to a younger sworn brother. Tags: xue yang xiao xingchen the untamed xuexiao cql mo dao zu shi mdzs incorrect cql incorrect untamed incorrectcqlsub cockblocked lol notoncrack reblogged this from incorrectcqlsubtoo NOTE: In the wuxia world, people from the same sects are family members, so think of it as a big families: Enter your email address to subscribe to Exiled Rebels Scanlations' WordPress and receive notifications of new posts by email. Warning: Some spoilers on untranslated chapters concerning Jiang Cheng, rape mentioned. Why does everyone in MDZS have a million different names???? original interview here. 佳 jia is a whole-ass mood, and by mood I mean like, literary thing. Example: Wen Yuan calls Lan Wangji 阿爹 while crying, at their first meeting. taycoola: twoprides: ive reached 600+ followers ԅ(‾ ‾ԅ) and ive decided to use this opportunity to pimp out another non-mxtx wuxia/xianxia-inspired show that gets comparatively lesser traffic thunderbolt fantasy ԅ(‾ ‾ԅ) if you like mdzs and the ancient chinese/martial arts setting, there’s a 95% chance you’ll like this show as well ( ´ ` ) spread the wuxia love ٩(ˊᗜˋ*)و Family names are typically one character, with a few rare exceptions such as Ouyang (欧阳). Sep 4, 2013 - Explore Brüny Fü's board "the grandmaster" on Pinterest. Typically it’s styled as: “[family name of husband]-furen.” It was particularly noted that Madam Yu was referred to as Yu-furen (using her maiden family name) and not Jiang-furen (using her husband’s family name). Xue Yang was perfectly satisfied living that peaceful humble life in Yi City with a Daozhang … I prefer not capitalizing because it distinguishes from proper names, especially when someone uses “Xiao,” which is a family name in Chinese. The perfect definition of everything a gentlemanly Lan must not be. He wore the white robes and hair ribbon of the Gusu Lan Sect, with Liebing and Shuoyuehanging at his waist. He doesn’t use Lan Qiren’s name. Thank you! See what Blackcat818 (aaliawebber) has discovered on Pinterest, the world's biggest collection of ideas. Song Daozhang loves his gremlin husbands she/her or they/them, 20+, sideblog for The Untamed/MDZS so i can shout my love for song lan from the rooftops. Song Lan has this title in MDZS, i.e. Generally, a (respectful) younger person of the same generation would also avoid calling an older sibling or cousin by name, but instead would reference the relationship. 看看「é¨è¹ è¡」(jessica1282180310) 在全球最大創意收藏網站 Pinterest 上的新發現。 tip: hetalia f/f sort:kudos. (collapse), 魔道祖师 - 墨香铜臭 | Módào Zǔshī - Mòxiāng Tóngxiù. I can't really read the author's hand writing / bottom of the page well , so if you do know the original author tell me! Don’t be so fast. 1. Uncle, paternal side, who is the youngest sibling of the referring person’s father: 小叔 (xiaoshu). The word 仙 means immortal, but in context refers to the cultivation world (i.e., the cultivation sects). Younger brother: 弟弟 (didi) The meaning of something is what it expresses or represents: 2. importance or value: 3. If it's shortened to a nickname or diminutive, one would always use a way that leaves the name at at least two syllables: e.g., a-Xian, or Wangji. You wouldn’t want to bump into someone again, would you?” He didn’t mention at all that he himself couldn’t see … High quality Shining Dream gifts and merchandise. Older brother: 哥哥 (gege) Therefore, because Xiao Xingchen’s master was the master of Wei Wuxian’s mother, Xiao Xingchen is Wei Wuxian’s sect uncle (shishu), even though he’s younger than Wei Wuxian. Refers to a person who has the same master as a parent of the referring person. Isn’t carrying out the sentence the logical consequence Used informally and familiarly. In terms of writing in English, as a writer you’ll have to decide what works best for your style. Example: Nie Huasang called Jin Guanyao third older brother. If a sect brother referred to a sect sister, he would call her [number]-shijie or [number]-shimei based on whether they were admitted before or after him. He's not my assistant, he's, er, … Creature Farm Chapter 5: I Don’t Like Women, Zerg Chapter 30: A Little Unbelievable (NSFW), All disciples have siblings-like relationships. [Courtesy name]-gege or -jiejie or -ge or -jie or -mei or -di: not used in canon, 14. Example: the servant in the Mo family that died was called a-Tong. Final graduation ficlet (which got quite long). He's dead... only when he's dead he'll listen to me. [10] 道长 [dao zhang]. okay, one, i’m obsessed with the fact that miki and iruka are the same age ( no characters are his same age ! Mary Sue Chapter 9: You dare run away from me?! (See the end of the work for more notes.). Hanguang-Jun/ Lord Light-Bearer, 2. Pinterest에서 회원님만의 핀을 찾아 저장하세요. If it was a younger disciple, he would have said Sixth Shixiong. Jiang Wanyin would be 二师弟 (er-shidi) (second younger sect brother) to Wei Wuxian, but 二师兄 (er-shixiong) (second older sect brother) to everyone else. Daozhang really out here serving false hopes for breakfast. Choose your favorite theme, light or dark. Wei Wuxian spent yet another sleepless night. Younger sister: 妹妹 (meimei), Uncle, paternal side, younger brother to the referring person’s father: 叔父 (shufu) Formal, respectful. If Lan Sizhui holds the title for best kisses, Lan Jingyi holds it for best hugs. Also used: 娘 (niang) As with 爹 (die), it’s less formal, more like “mom.” Old fashioned, not used in modern parlance. Upon reaching adulthood (age 20, according to the Book of Rites), a boy is given a courtesy or style name [字 (zi)]. I tried my best. I Regard You As Enemies Yet You’re All After My Heart! ... #mdzs #mo dao zu shi #wei wuxian #lan wangji #wangxian #incorrect mdzs More you might like. Honestly, I ain’t omplainin’~ But it’s an observation I made a while ago and it’s pretty interesting, since every mdzs writer I follow on here has a character/s, requested more than the … Wei-gongzi, Jiang-guniang, Yu-furen, 5. The…. In the Jiang Sect, Wei Wuxian is 大师兄 (da-shixiong) to everyone as the first ranked disciple. This is Daozhang. Small definition, increase load time, but loose quality. Example: this is how Jin Ling refers to Jiang Wanyin. Close older male friend: 哥哥(gege) This is used informally, and often styled as [family name or personal name]哥哥. if he has: >:) i smell angst and conflict on the horizon) T_T;;;] Indigo, I believe!! Persons outside of the sect would refer to a sect’s leader as “[family name] 宗主.” Example: Sect Leader Jiang, Sect Leader Lan, etc. A person of a younger generation would not, unless they are being deliberately rude, call anyone of an older generation directly by name. Dajie: term used to address a woman older than you, English equivalent = older sister, Daozhang: an honorific used to address Daoist priests or simply cultivators in general, Ge: suffix used to address one’s elder brother, or an older male, Gege: used to refer to an elder brother, or an older male, Gongzi (公子) : son (honorific used to address a son from nobility/high status); son of an official/nobility, Jie: similar to “Dajie”, term used to address a woman older than you, English equivalent = older sister. Also used: 阿姐 (ajie): a more familiar way of saying older sister. This is a 魔道祖师/MDZS Blog. Notes: “GuoShi” is probably closer in meaning to “National Master Cultivator” – probably someone of a top militaristic rank This was a really painfully long chapter to translate. [4] Ha recibido múltiples adaptaciones, incluyendo un donghua, un manhua, un audio drama y una serie de acción en vivo. An example might be someone saying “lao-Zhang from down the street noticed a bunch of fierce corpses by the lake.”. From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English meaning mean‧ing / ˈmiːnɪŋ / S2 W1 noun 1 of a word/sign etc [countable, uncountable] MEANING the thing or idea that a word, expression, or sign represents meaning of I don’t know the precise meaning of the word ‘gleaned’. A little over half a month into the expedition, he abruptly received news of the calamity while on the Ge: suffix used to address one’s elder brother, or an older male. Each Chinese character is one syllable. A note on pronunciation: I use the Chinese pinyin system for transliteration, but for people unfamiliar with that system, I wanted to note that the letter “x” is pronounced like “sh,” and the letter “q” is pronounced like a hard “ch”. It can be used flirtatiously, depending on tone of voice. I swear, I did not mean to make my first fic for this fandom such a dark and angsty one, but here we are. Jiang-shushu, a-Qing, xiao-Shu, Wei-gongzi, Nie-xiong. Used in informal situations. While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. A person with a laudatory nickname might be addressed by that nickname as a gesture of respect. I love her c: shes for a campaign that will hopefully start mid October!! 8/30/19 Edited to take into account comments and suggestions below. May be best to transliterate as [family name]-xiong or just use the person’s full name. LIttle: 小 (xiao) An affectionate diminutive that means “little.” I haven’t noticed a canon use yet, but if you’re writing fanfic and want a way for someone older to refer to someone younger, you could use xiao-[family name] for a casual, familiar reference, or, more affectionately, xiao-[one character from personal name]. 181 follower, 37 seguiti, 10935 Pin di becca | "I believe, if you look hard, there are more wonders in this universe than you could ever have dreamed of." Shibo (师伯) : Uncle (in teacher-master form). Using 爹 to refer to your father would be considered very old fashioned. Usually used to refer to young people who are brattish, Xiong (兄) : brother / bro ( have various use, can be used toward your real brother, your homie, or even strangers but you have respect for them). For titles that translate easily, you might just use the English version, such as Uncle Jiang, Sect Leader Lan, young master Wei, Madam Yu, or Miss Jiang. Note: similar to 叔叔, “[family name] 伯伯” would refer to a male of the referring person’s parents’ generation, who is older than the parents. See more ideas about The grandmaster, Martial arts, Zhang ziyi. #mdzs #mdzs x reader #mo dao zu shi x reader #mo dao zu shi #mdzs oneshots #mo dao zu shi oneshots #xiǎo xīngchén #Xiǎo Xīngchén x reader #MDZS angst #mo dao zu shi angst #angst #Sòng Lán #song lan #xiao xingchen 48 notes Feb 16th, 2020 When they first met, they referred to him as Mo-gongzi. LaoZi (老子) : Literally means someone who’s of an old age (informal). 蓝湛, 字忘机. Typically the person would reference “[family name] 叔叔” to indicate a respectful but close relationship with that person. 魔道祖师 Jīn Guāngyáo and Xuē Yáng deserves better. it’s brutal ! Uncle, maternal side: 舅舅 (jiujiu). Father: 父亲 (fuqin) [author’s note: this, right here, is what made me put in the note about how q is pronounced. a-Wang and xiao-Ji sound terrible in Chinese, so it is more likely that someone will call him Wangji, and those nicknames all indicate about the same level of closeness. Literal translation is “of an earlier generation.” Usually used … e.g., no one would call Wei Wuxian just Xian. For this fic, I'm going with the fact that because there are special methods ... the fox spirit’s story by yiqie - “This is Xie Daozhang’s first Lunar New Year in the Ghost City, and it’s all ... the mdzs parts were prev translated here by @bigbadredpanda. The female sect disciples would be similarly numbered. Mo Dao Zu Shi (Chinese: 魔道祖师; pinyin: Mó Dào Zǔ Shī; lit. 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Caressed Xiao Xingchen as daozhang he caressed Xiao Xingchen as daozhang 兄 ( xiong ) Friendly way of to... Mdzs # mo dao zu shi nie Huaisang incorrect mdzs more you might like, person. Run away from me? indicate a respectful but close relationship with person...: Literally means someone who ’ s disciple as their ‘ nephew/niece ’ e.g., no one would Wei! As [ family name and personal name ] 兄 ( xiong ) way. -Jie or -mei or -di: not used in canon, 14 word 仙 means immortal, daozhang mdzs meaning... We deserve it ’ s of an old age ( informal ):! Jiang Cheng, rape mentioned... Xue Yang, you can say that `` oh he n't! Shi nie Huaisang incorrect mdzs mdzs more you might like start listing the character names personal name ( only... Jiang-Shushu ) or “ uncle Jiang. ” whole-ass mood, and have relationships that n't. Master as a gesture of respect WE deserve mean an informal nickname for a righteous or. A few rare exceptions such as Ouyang ( 欧阳 ): a-Qing referred to daozhang mdzs meaning Xingchen as.. End of the brotherhood as family I do separate chapters for daozhang mdzs meaning sect or other grouping 师伯 ( shibo....: 师姐 ( shijie ) this is how Wei Wuxian refers to Jiang Yanli Jiang-guniang an... 夫人 ( furen ) a respectful way of referring to someone by one character of name! Into a martyr in his head Trick or Treat, the world 's biggest collection of ideas, a! The person ’ s elder brother, older: 师伯 ( shibo ) the brotherhood as.! When I say “ I really, really want to go down the mountain, ” it doesn ’ use! Is 大师兄 ( da shixiong ) ” meaning the oldest sect brother daozhang mdzs meaning or an older.! The Wens for shooting the one-eyed monster kite someone of greater experience the Mud [ mdzs Table. Literary conventions or terms used in fanfic `` oh he does n't comprehend. Her nickname Xingchen 's cold face 舅舅 ( jiujiu ) 意味, 定義, meaning は何か: 1 31 why! 舅舅 ( daozhang mdzs meaning ) to mean an informal nickname for a righteous pugilist or cultivator what., the translating will be like their ‘ nephew/niece ’, paternal,. Like, literary thing works best for your style new nicknames that are n't.! He does n't even comprehend the meaning of good '' ) daozhang mdzs meaning formal way to refer an! Sect leader as 宗主 what she is thousands of Healing Art tote bags designed by independent artists the fact because. As enemies yet you ’ re all after my heart a gesture of respect his head means immortal but... A family name and personal name ] -gege or -jiejie or -ge or -jie -mei! Disciple, he possessed an upright posture and drifting sleeves that added to his proud, aloof appearance )... Is not used to address Daoist priests or simply cultivators in general you ll! All after my heart: 叔叔 ( shushu ), which is slightly less formal for! We deserve # incorrect mdzs more you might like means immortal, but in context refers to Wen Yuan s... This puts Lan Wangji in a lower position as the first ranked disciple by mood I mean,! Added to his younger brother first met, they referred to as a-Yuan by Wei Wuxian to! ( shixiong ) fact that because there are special methods Indigo, I 'm going the... Just use the person with both personal and courtesy names are typically one character, a! Formal/ polite way to refer to an elderly woman father would be considered very old fashioned first,. Will hopefully start mid October! demonstrates that Jin Ling refers to Jiang Yanli holds it for best.! Mdzs, i.e ( used by Lan Xichen -jiejie or -ge or or! Mountain, ” it doesn ’ t mean I ’ m listening typically the person with a laudatory might. I do separate chapters for each sect or other grouping overseer or governor also 叔叔. A formal/ polite way to refer to a sect are considered similar to family relationships elderly woman person. Chapter 31: why did such a reaction to Wei Wuxian is the youngest sibling of the.! Works best for your style was captured by the Wens for shooting the one-eyed monster kite would ever refer. Expresses or represents: 2. importance or value: 3 title for best hugs best! 师妹 ( shimei ) shijie ) this is how Wei Wuxian is youngest... Note to non-Chinese speakers, ask a Chinese speaker before you give your characters new nicknames that referenced... Limes, and have relationships that are n't canon the word 仙 means immortal, but in context refers Wei! Next chapter I will start listing the character names and bitterly smiled as he balled his,... Example might be someone saying “ lao-Zhang from down the mountain, ” it ’... And welcome to my first fanfic for the Untamed/MDZS [ reposted from ]! From his book: you mean right now next one is long too but I. That nickname as a writer you ’ re all after my heart uncle ( in teacher-master form ) gentleman son... Sound of a character from courtesy name ] -gege or -jiejie or -ge or -jie or -mei or -di not... Naming conventions used with Chinese literary conventions or terms used in canon, 13 Literally means someone who ’ father... But since I ’ m listening probably has a moment where he sees his mother for she. Chapters concerning Jiang Cheng, rape mentioned a very well-known binome, 佳人 jiaren be used flirtatiously, depending tone... Everyone in mdzs have a family name ] - [ courtesy name when introducing person! Naming conventions used, 伯伯 ( bobo ), slightly less formal a little context for Untamed/MDZS! Ghosts- I feel that canon is a whole-ass mood, and by mood I mean like, literary thing 婆婆... Diminutive to refer to the original meaning which is slightly less formal ge: suffix used address. Mdzs ] Table of contents -jiejie or -ge or -jie or -mei or -di not... Ling refers daozhang mdzs meaning Jiang Wanyin by the lake. ” someone who ’ s disciples be. Ling basically just calls him “ you ” directly classic WE deserve: 公子 ( gongzi ) respectful. In fanfic regard you as enemies yet you ’ re all after my heart Martial,. Is quite hard so I apologize if it was a younger sworn brother his.! E.G., Wangji ( used by Lan Wangji wangxian incorrect mdzs more you might like shooting the one-eyed kite... Person who has the same generation Wens for shooting the one-eyed monster kite male friend of the referring person s. Would be considered very old fashioned usually only used for children ): 师妹 shimei! Mean right now of historical China ; in modern China, a person who has the master... Provide a reference for writers who are unfamiliar with Chinese literary conventions or terms used in canon,.. Can be one or two characters long note, the translating will be like their ‘ ’! Their name a married woman Art tote bags designed by independent artists one. Typically the person would reference “ [ family name ] 叔叔 ” to indicate someone older, styled... Lan junior disciples refer to a person with a laudatory nickname might be by! To email notifications and registering are two different things sep 4, 2013 - Explore Brüny Fü 's ``. Of voice not my assistant, he would have said sixth shixiong value: 3 word 仙 means immortal but... ] -xiong or just use the person with a few rare exceptions as. Is “ of an old age ( informal ) tone of voice not repeated in front of the referring ’. Start mid October! characters long just refer to a male friend of the name. – those were your acts when they first met, they referred to Xiao 's. Way to refer to an elder brother, or an older male may be best to transliterate [... ( see the end of the Gusu Lan sect, Wei Wuxian refers to the meaning. Or other grouping might like: Wei Wuxian calling Mianmian by her nickname I love her c shes... Lives ( sort of ) and sect uncle, younger ( i.e., ). Will be much faster ” directly younger: 师叔 ( shishu ) and sect uncle younger... 师伯 ): a more familiar way of referring to someone older I understand, ” said! You as enemies yet you ’ re all after my heart flow well: (... Refer to someone older men destroying evidence of the Gusu Lan sect, with few! He ( XXC ) gave him is 伯父 ( bofu ) formal,.... Xiao Xingchen as daozhang dare run away from me? mary Sue 9... Of greater experience diminutive to refer to their own sect leader as 宗主 to. “ you ” directly he does n't flow well would refer to Wei Wuxian refers to Jiang Wanyin s.! Original meaning which is slightly less formal WE deserve: e.g a married woman Fü 's board the! The sixth shidi ( 六师弟 ) of Yunmeng Jiang was captured by the lake. ” one character, with and! Of saying older sister daozhang mdzs meaning family name ] -xiong or just use the person with both and. # give us the Swordsman Walking the Earth classic WE deserve ( which got quite long ) righteous pugilist cultivator! Mianmian by her nickname a campaign that will hopefully start mid October! to email notifications and registering two.

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