Want Disability Insurance Alternatives? Read on…

Now that you know what disability insurance is, you are probably wondering what alternatives you have. There are a few other options to take, although they generally aren’t as good or comprehensive as a DI policy. Read up on some of the other alternatives out there:

Social Security: Everyone pays into social security with the knowledge that you receive payments after retirement. You may get these benefits earlier to cover an injury or illness, but it is extremely difficult and rare.

Group Long-Term (LTD) Insurance: These policies are provided by employers to upper level workers and executives, but typically do not provide enough funds to maintain current standards of living. They also do not usually cover bonuses or retirement contributions. The benefits from LTD insurance usually fall between 30-50%.

Worker’s Compensation: Worker’s comp, as it is better known pays you for getting injured on the job. Obviously, this is not viable for off-the-job accidents.

Dip Into Your Savings: Withdrawing money from your savings account will allow you to pay your bills and expenses, but at the cost of your future. Any disability over 3 months will quickly diminish your account.

Borrow: As a final possibility, you can cover expenses by borrowing from relatives or close friends. The questions are: How much and how long?

Long Term Disability Insurance Rates

As you can see, the alternatives are not great. They either come up short on funds, don’t help with your future, or are difficult to obtain.

Luckily, Got DI has numerous selections for the top short term and long term disability insurance rates that can accommodate the budgets of many occupations. We’ll assist you in selecting the policy that fits your needs, so you will have ample coverage. Some of the advantages of our services include:

• Own-occupation allows you to work in a different capacity while still receiving a percentage of your wages

• For small business owners, business overhead expenses keep you operational after an accident

• We will consider options to assist you in finding the ideal policy for your budget

• Excellent long term disability insurance rates from top providers

• Call for our helpful customer service